Happy Monday !

Do you hate the thought of the first working day of the New year? Hate Monday sorts of feeling….? If yes, then here’s my little piece of story that you might be interested in.

I am hearing a lot on how much everyone hates Monday so I am warming up today itself for tomorrow by watching some thought provoking videos of Michael D. Watkins, author of the book The First 90 days. Special thanks to Binling Chen for advising the book!

Since Sunday is almost over here’s some advice to my peers on how to kick-off Day 1:
Step 0: Start an hour early (to create 60mins just for yourself)
Step 1: Begin with Five mins deep breathing exercise – Remember to focus only on breath inflowwww & outflowwwww
Step 2: Scribble a rough framework with your key priorities, goals, vision and your set of tools.
Step 3: Plan out your Day and week – I leverage Stephen Covey’s Priorities Grid model
Step 4: Build a 30-60-90 Days Plan Grid over the week – I quite like the STAR model, HBR
Step 5: Go to your balcony/window & gaze at the open blue sky for 5mins. Just relax your mind & then come back to your work-desk. Smile & get set for the fresh beginnings, actions, learnings and human connections!

Have a healthy, happy & purpose-filled 2021!


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