Life might look scripted but you can choose to write your own with Shreya Shivangi, Life Coach.

Life spent in pursuit of success is happier than the one spent in regret of not Dreaming Big.

Excerpt from Vedic Scriptures

Everyone in life wants to be a success. Success, no matter what it may mean to you or I usually results in more happiness, more fulfillment, rewards, money and the like.

There is no one definition of success. It means different things to different people. One person’s definition may be totally different to another’s.

Your definition of what success actually is can change as well.

One thing that is common amongst everyone is that everyone wants to be a success and nothing in life is better than success!

Your definition of success is formed by:

  • Your upbringing
  • Your beliefs
  • Traits
  • Your attitude
  • Your peers
  • Society
  • Every experience that you have in life

All of the above will contribute as to what success means to you.

There is a myth that states that people are born winners or born losers.

If you want to become a winner in life, then Life Coach is that bridge ,who can help you cross that chasm & help you hack your success.

Zenith are Possibilities

Success Coaching

Are you feeling struck and unfulfilled. When you don’t achieve your goals, you give up or focuses on full spectrum of Success, including categories of obstacles that are in direct conflict of your goal. A Success coach would enable you to :

  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Enhance your feelin of self worth
  • Build your strength to achieve every thing you want and much much more….

Career Coaching

People are trying to find a job, move in to a higher paying job or transition their carrier to thoer area of interest.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Every entrepreneur needs guidance in their business goals – to find their dreams & goals through assessments & sessions.

5 S of Success TM

Through working in Corporate world & consulting with CXOs, I have developed various powerful tools and techniques which would help you unlock your Success.

If you can conceive something in your mind and

believe it to be true, then you can achieve it.

Napoleon Hill